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Student Assistants / HiWis (m/f)- Acoustic Ferrofluid

  • MPI-IS Tübingen

The Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Tübingen is looking for student research assistants/HiWis (m/f) to help us set up an acoustic levitation experiment enabling us to study the complex dynamics and self-assembly of drops of ferrofluids. Ferrofluids contain nanoscopic magnetic particles that give these liquids highly unusual properties: when an external magnetic field is applied ferrofluids become magnetized and form complex 3-dimensional shapes. While a broad range of technological applications makes ferrofluids particularly worthwhile studying, we are specifically interested in the idea of ferrofluids acting as toy-model for complex, self-organizing systems. For this reason we are going to study drops of ferrofluid in an ultrasound trap. The goal of this project is to create a levitation environment for the ferrofluid drops with a well-controlled magnetic field. Therefore we are looking for HiWis (m/f) interested in levitation technology (in particular ultrasound), creation and control of magnetic fields, and data acquisition/processing using high speed cameras. The first task is to set up a “TinyLev“-trap.

Student Project Position

Submit your application to: v.volchkov@tuebingen.mpg.de