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Magnetic nanopropellers deliver genetic material to cells
Iron-platinum nanopropellers enable the genetic modification of cells, which then start expressing green fluorescing protein

Magnetic nanopropellers deliver genetic material to cells

An interdisciplinary team of scientists from Stuttgart, Heidelberg, and London developed miniature magnetic nanopropellers that can deliver genetic material to cells. They used a magnetic material that outperforms the strongest known micromagnets, yet is chemically stable, non-toxic and biologically compatible. Such new nanopropellers hold great potential for biomedical applications and minimally invasive surgeries of the future.

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Kwanghyo Son
Postdoctoral Researcher
pf Hyunah Kwon
Hyunah Kwon
Postdoctoral Researcher
mms Gisela Schütz
Gisela Schütz
pf Peer Fischer
Peer Fischer
Professor, University of Stuttgart<br/ >Max Planck Research Group Leader
sg Linda Behringer
Linda Behringer
Public Relations Officer