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Group Awards

Scientific Awards





  • Congratulations Eunjin Choi and Hyeon-Ho Jeong, respectively, received the 2017 scholarship awards from the Korean Scientists and Engineers Association in the FRG (VeKNI e.V)
    EunJin Choi Jeong Hyeon-Ho
  • Peer Fischer is named Steinhofer lecturer at the University of Freiburg and he receives the associated prize of the Steinhofer-Foundation.
    Peer Fischer
  • Tian Qiu, Stefano Palagi, and Fabian Adams win the Best Oral Paper Award, at the 10th Hamlyn Symposium on Medical Robotics, London 2017.
    Tian Qiu Stefano Palagi Fabian Adams
  • Jan-Philipp Günther and Vincent Mauricio Kadiri won the first poster prize on the NanoBioMater 2017 Summer School and International Conference for their contribution "Nanorheology and Nanopropellers in Biological Fluids". - More Information
    Vincent Mauricio Kadiri Jan-Philipp Günther
  • Hyeon-Ho Jeong was awarded this year's Graduate Student Award at the 2017 E-MRS Spring Meeting in Strasbourg. - More Information
    Jeong Hyeon-Ho


  • Peer Fischer has received the 2016 World Technology Award for IT Hardware. Together with his group, he has developed new 3D nanofabrication methods and nanorobots, made the first reciprocal microswimmer, and realized the first swimming soft microrobot that moves using only body shape changes. - More Information
    Peer Fischer
  • Hyeon-Ho Jeong was awarded the MRS Gold Graduate Student Award for a presentation on Chiral Plasmonic Nanosensors at the 2016 MRS Fall Meeting in Boston. - More Information
    Jeong Hyeon-Ho
  • Tian Qiu has been granted the “National Award for Outstanding Self-financed Chinese Students Abroad 2015” by the China Scholarship Council (April, 2016).
    Tian Qiu



  • Paper award: Tian Qiu, Debora Schamel, Andrew G. Mark, and Peer Fischer's paper "Active Microrheology of the Vitreous of the Eye applied to Nanorobot Propulsion" is the "Best Automation Paper Award - Finalist" of IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation - ICRA 2014.  (June 2014) - More Information
    Tian Qiu Debora Schamel Markus Maier Peer Fischer



  • Debora Schamel: Artur Fischer Prize for outstanding Diploma Thesis (Chemistry), University of Stuttgart (2012)
    Debora Schamel