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Thumb ticker nanoroboter werden ins auge injiziert
Nanoroboter steuern erstmals durch den Glaskörper eines Auges

Nanorobots propel through the eye

Scientists developed specially coated nanometer-sized vehicles that can be actively moved through dense tissue like the vitreous of the eye. So far, the transport of nano-vehicles has only been demonstrated in model systems or biological fluids, but not in real tissue. The work was published in the journal Science Advances and constitutes one step further towards nanorobots becoming minimally-invasive tools for precisely delivering medicine to where it is needed.


pf Thumb sm zhiguang  wu
Zhiguang Wu
pf Thumb sm qiu  tian
Tian Qiu
Postdoctoral Researcher
pf Thumb sm peer fischer portrait
Peer Fischer
Professor, University of Stuttgart<br/ >Max Planck Research Group Leader
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Linda Behringer
Public Relations